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Why politics and policy are important for young people?

Politics and policy are crucially important for young people because they directly impact their lives, both now and in the future. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Representation: Politics and policy affect how society is organized, and young people make up a significant portion of that society. Therefore, young people must engage in politics to ensure their voices and perspectives are represented.

  2. Influence: Young people have a lot of power to influence the direction of politics and policy. By becoming informed about issues that affect them and their communities, they can advocate for policies that align with their values and priorities.

  3. Future impact: The decisions made by politicians and policymakers today will significantly impact the future. As young people are the future of society, they need to engage in politics and policy to ensure that decisions made today are sustainable and equitable.

  4. Personal responsibility: Engaging in politics and policy is a civic duty and personal responsibility. Young people should participate in shaping their communities and the world they will inherit.

  5. Social change: Politics and policy are vital tools for driving social change. Young people are often at the forefront of social movements, and engaging in politics and policy is a way to turn that passion and energy into concrete actions and results.

In summary, politics, and policy are essential for young people because they directly affect their lives, provide an opportunity for influence and representation, significantly impact the future, carry a personal responsibility, and are critical for driving social change.


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