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Why are we organizing EDS Policy days in Belgrade?

Serbia has been on the European path for more than 20 years. The whole process is long, and the enthusiasm has declined in recent years; that's why we want to start a new debate and restate that Serbia's future is in the EU. Some potential benefits for the EU and Serbia include the following:

  1. Political stability: Integrating Serbia into the EU could contribute to the long-term stability of the Balkans, a region historically known for conflicts and tensions. EU membership can help promote democratic reforms and strengthen the rule of law in Serbia, fostering a more stable regional environment.

  2. Economic growth: Serbia's economy has the potential for further growth and development, and its integration into the EU single market could boost trade and investment opportunities. This would benefit both Serbia and the existing EU member states.

  3. Energy security: Serbia's geographical location makes it a strategic partner in energy transit, particularly for natural gas. Incorporating Serbia into the EU's energy framework could improve the overall energy security of the bloc.

  4. Cultural diversity: EU membership for Serbia would enhance the cultural diversity of the European Union, contributing to a richer and more varied cultural landscape.

  5. Enhanced regional cooperation: By granting Serbia membership, the EU could encourage increased collaboration between Serbia and its neighbors on various issues, including migration, counter-terrorism, and environmental challenges.

During the EDS Policy days, we want to know what policies are being implemented and how far Serbia has come. How we, as center-right youth, can help. However, it is essential to note that Serbia's accession to the EU depends on its ability to meet the required criteria and implement necessary reforms. The Copenhagen Criteria and the EU's accession process involve significant progress in democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and economic stability. Additionally, Serbia would need to normalize relations with its neighbors, particularly Kosovo, as part of the accession process.


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