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EDS Policy days in Belgrade, Serbia

is an event that aims to provide a platform for young people from across Europe to share their perspectives on green policies and regarding Serbia's integration process into the European Union. European Democrat Students (EDS) is fully committed to integrating the Western Balkans into the EU.

Serbia is in the process of European Union integration and has recently made significant strides in joining the block by opening negotiations and aligning its policies to mirror those of the union. The event is focused on empowering youths and giving them a voice in the ongoing dialogue on Serbia's path to EU membership. The event will cover various topics, including economic reforms, democratic governance, human rights, and social inclusion. It will also explore the role of young people in shaping the future of Serbia's relationship with the EU.

This event would show the EDS' full support for Serbia's EU integration and give a regional perspective for EU membership for the entire Western Balkans, keeping in mind that Montenegro, Albania, and North Macedonia are also the EU candidate states. The event sessions will discuss the political and economic effects of the Russian war in Ukraine.

Also, we will discuss the recent agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on the normalization of ties. This event would send a strong message to the Serbian public and others in the Western Balkans that they have a European perspective and are welcome to become part of the European family.

Supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. Serbia.

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